Android App Development

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Business Objective

The mobile experience of a company is the new face of their business. The mobile app is the gateway to a company’s services and it is also the new customer touchpoint. Mobile apps have changed how we buy coffee, book hotels, get a ride, and more. And that trend will only continue to grow in 2018 and beyond. 

The key to making a successful mobile is to have an effective business objective. What do you want to achieve with your mobile app? How does it function as a marketing tool? These are all questions that need answering before development even begins so that you can create an experience that will work for your business.

Technology Requirement

With increasing number of android users, the demand for new apps is also increasing.  This is where the need of developers comes in who can create new apps with latest technology.

There are some basics that an android developer  needs to be aware of before developing an app.

1) Android Developers must be familiar with Java Development Kit (JDK) and Android Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). 

2) The developer must know about the different types of screen sizes and resolutions that are available on different devices.

 3) The developer should know about the various colors used for icons, buttons, and other design elements on different devices.

 4) The developer should also know about various accessibility options available on  devices which includes support for people with low vision or blindness, people who cannot use a touchscreen due to disability

User Interface Details

The user interface is the face of the and is what greets the user when they open it. It provides a way for a user to interact with your app.

The most important element in a UI design is consistency. UI elements should have similar styles, layouts, and colors throughout an  to create a harmonious experience for users.

In addition, you should put emphasis on large clear text in order to make mobile users more comfortable in their mobile environment.

Legendary Support

Legendary support is in TechnoServe’s DNA. We have been providing quality IT services to our clients since 2015, and over the years, we have learned that when you offer legendary support, people want to work with you for life.

Whether it’s an hour of your time or a lifetime, our commitment to legendary support ensures that you are always best taken care of.