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Some Important Key Factor That Should Keep in Mind

  1. White Space
  2. Typography
  3. Imagery
  4. Colours
  5. UI Elements

White Space

To ensure consistent margins around content, use grids and key lines. More on this later. Include margins in your symbols; for example, if your card always has an 8dp margin around it, include it with the symbol.

In Sketch, create fixed padding symbols and use resizing constraints.

Create a button with fixed paddings so that no matter what text is inside the button, the padding around the text remains consistent. This plugin was used to create fixed padding buttons.


Try to keep the number of text styles to a minimum and strictly adhere to the use of text styles.
Name your text styles logically — for example, I use the naming template “font size/color/weight/primary-secondary-disabled.” Text styles with the same font sizes are grouped in this way, and text styles with the same colour are always grouped together in the list. This allows me to quickly locate and apply a text style to some text.

Sizes and colours should be checked for readability.
For readability, check the character spacing and line height.
Examine the design for both long and short text cases. Also, provide potential solutions for exceptions. For example, while decreasing font size may be a solution for long text in some cases, truncating with ellipses may be more appropriate in others.
Define where each case should be used — title case, sentence case, all caps, and so on. And, unless you want something to stand out, be consistent with it.
Check for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors again.
‘Lorem Ipsum’ should not be used. You can use placeholder text in symbols and wireframes, but not in deliverable assets. The copy of the UI is as important as any other element in the design.

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