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What is Domain?

Domain names are the address to a website and they are the first thing we see when we visit a website. Domain name extension tells us what kind of domain it is and there are many kinds. The most popular domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .edu.

The most common type of domain name extensions are .com and .org. These two domains are the most popular with the largest number of active registrations worldwide with over 100 million registered domain names.

Why it is Important to Buy a Domain Name?

Domain name buy is important because without this, it will be hard to get the desired domain name. People have to use a domain registrar or other providers to get the right domain name.

A domain registrar is a company that records and manages information about domain names. It also allocates IP addresses when an end-user registers for one or more domains with them.

Choosing the right registrar is important because it can help you in the future when you need to renew your domain name or want to buy another one.

A good example of a registrar is GoDaddy, which offers different services like domains, hosting, blog tools like WordPress and much more depending on your needs.

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