IT Support

it support

What IT Support

IT support is a type of service or activity that an IT services provider renders to a customer to help the customer in achieving its IT objectives. Typical business IT objectives are increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving quality. In other words, the objective of IT support is to provide the right tools and services for an organization’s needs.

The need for IT support varies from company to company and from industry to industry. For example, a small local retailer needs very little in the way of technical support while a large multinational retailer might require around-the-clock monitoring and rapid response capabilities.

Companies usually classify their own activities as either “IT Support” or “IT Enablement”. Classifying these activities as such allows them to track their effectiveness better than if they were lumped together

Data Backup Services

We are all aware of the importance of backing up our data. It is important to have backups in case of emergencies, hardware failures, ransomware attacks, etc. So it’s no surprise that people are increasingly turning to IT support services for help with their data backup needs.

The most common type of IT backup is the “full-system backup”. This type of backup can save your entire computer, including system files and programs installed on your system. However, it does not include any files on external media or on your secondary hard drive(s).

Another type of IT backup is called “incremental” or “differential” backups. These types are generally done more often than full-system backups because they do not back up entire disks but

IT Consulting

IT consulting is a service that offers advice and support on how to create and successfully manage IT systems. It can involve design, ongoing maintenance and support for IT infrastructure, or specific software. Consultants may also help plan and maintain the networks of large organisations.

Some businesses outsource their IT consulting to third party companies to ensure that they have access to more information than what they can provide internally.

Legendary Support

Legendary support is in Techno Serve’s DNA. We have been providing quality IT services to our clients since 2015, and over the years, we have learned that when you offer legendary support, people want to work with you for life.

Whether it’s an hour of your time or a lifetime, our commitment to legendary support ensures that you are always best taken care of.