Mobile App Redesign

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Step 1: Understand Your Initial Goals

Begin by explaining why you’re redesigning your app. Is it time to redesign due to changes in user experience trends? Is it time for a redesign because you’ve introduced a new feature? Is it time to redesign because your competitors offer a better app experience?

This is where you should begin. Once you’ve identified the rationale for the change, it’s critical that you keep returning to it throughout the redesign process. Your entire design team should understand why this is important and be dedicated to achieving it.

When Uber’s most recent redesign took place, they began with their why. The app had previously added a number of new features, which caused confusion and a poor user experience.

Step 2: Communicate With Users To Gain Insight

Communication is one of the most undervalued aspects of the redesign process. You already know what you want to achieve with your app redesign at this point. You must now inform people who adore and frequently use your app about the impending change. After you’ve communicated this, you can meaningfully engage your users and learn what they like and dislike about the current mobile experience, as well as what they want to see changed.

It is critical to maintain an open line of communication with your users. It can truly be a competitive advantage if you are committed to not only listening to their feedback, but also acting on it in a timely manner.

Step 3: Evaluate Customer Reviews & Feedback

If your app has been in the hands of real people for a few months, you’re probably collecting data. Some of this information will be quantitative (for example, statistics on in-app usage and engagement), while others will be qualitative (e.g., reviews and messages).

Compile all of this information and look for trends. Do you notice that a certain feature is being criticised by a large number of users? Are users enquiring about how to update a specific aspect of their account? Is it possible that users are tapping a specific button when attempting to select something else?

It is critical that you share these insights with your team as you gather them. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, have the research team present their findings to those who will be carrying out the redesign. This ensures that the design team is fully aware of the priorities set by both the company and the users.

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