What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of those things that you might not know about, but if you’ve visited any website and then seen ads for that site pop up on your browsers or social media pages, then you’ve received a remarketing advertisement.

Remarketing is a digital marketing term for the practice of displaying online advertisements to people who have previously visited a particular website. Remarketing allows marketers to tailor ads to specific groups of people, which can be helpful for maintaining customer interest in a product even after they’ve left the original site. In recent years, remarketing has become more sophisticated as it has been applied to other digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Standard Remarketing in Digital Marketing

Online marketers use standard remarketing to retarget users who have shown interest in their website. It is a valuable marketing technique that helps the business make more sales and increase customer conversion rates.

The process of standard remarketing starts with the creation of a list of potential customers and then creating and distributing relevant ads to them. The ads will be shown on other websites or on the same site again.

Remarketing is a valuable marketing technique for online marketers as it helps them sell their product more effectively and at higher rates by targeting those who have already shown interest in their product/service.

Dynamic Remarketing in Digital Marketing

Dynamic remarketing means that the ad will be personalized to a potential customer based on their browsing history. This allows a business to keep an ad relevant for a customer and conduct a targeted search.

Dynamic remarketing has been around since the 1990’s, but it has been largely underutilized by companies. A few years ago, Google introduced Dynamic Remarketing which was then adopted by Facebook and Twitter. it is estimated that there are more than 250 million people using this type of advertising on Google alone.

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