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What Is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a complete content management system that allows you to add pages, menus, media items, blog posts, and more. WordPress manages every aspect of your site, but that doesn’t mean the necessary design is already in place.

In fact, the opposite is true. A blank WordPress installation comes with a plain and simple default theme. You can even remove the default theme and create a new website from scratch. However, doing so would necessitate advanced coding abilities. Not to mention that even experienced developers may see this as a waste of time because a theme has already done much of the design work for you. If you’re surfing the web and come across a theme you like, you can use our theme detector tool to find out what it is.

WordPress provides tools for manipulating a website, but it does not include much in the way of frontend design. That’s where the theme comes in. A theme enhances the beauty and style of your website through the use of colours, fonts, and formatting.

Do I Need a Theme for WordPress?

No, technically. However, for many users, there isn’t much reason to build a WordPress website without a theme.

If you want to use WordPress as a testing platform for learning how to code, you may want to skip the theme. In this case, you are not creating a finished product but rather utilising WordPress as a training system.

It’s also possible that some businesses want a completely unique design for their website. In this case, they would require the funds to hire a developer and designer, skipping the theme installation process entirely. However, that design is still most likely based on some kind of template to build the website.

Types of Themes To Consider

When it comes to WordPress themes, you have several options.

The first step is to decide whether you want a multipurpose or niche theme. A multipurpose theme is best suited for WordPress agencies or those who want to be able to transform the base theme into any type of design for any industry. Multipurpose themes are more versatile, but they aren’t always necessary if you already know what niche you want to focus on.

A niche theme focuses on a single industry design, such as a website for an architecture firm or a band. If you choose a niche theme, you must choose a theme based on your industry or functionality requirements.

Many themes, for example, can be found in the following categories:

Forums and online communities.
Sites that offer memberships.
Social media.
Sites for custom support.
Restaurants and food.
Travel and hotels etc.

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